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how to assemble magnetic drum separator

How to Choose & Use Metal Separators - Magnets By HSMAGl

The material cascades around the magnet, and ferrous material collects on the magnet as it is conveyed through the assembly. PULLEY AND DRUM MAGNETS. Magnetic pulleys replace standard conveyor head pulleys and effectively convert the conveyor into a self-cleaning magnetic separator.

Magnetic drums with extreme robustness & high performancel

Magnetic drum separators also ensure optimal results in the processing of incineration bottom ash from incineration plants before the eddy current separator recovers valuable non-ferrous metals. The STEINERT MTP uses permanent magnetic drums to separate even weakly magnetic components from crushed battery cells or shredded electronic scrap ...

MAGNET EXPERTS SINCE 1917 - Ohio Magneticsl

MAGNET EXPERTS SINCE 1917 …Ohio Magnetics! For nearly one hundred years, the Stearns™ brand of magnetic ... Permanent Magnetic Drum Separators Series 510 Drums Series 520 Drum Separators Wet Permanent Magnetic Drum Separators High-Volume Wet Permanent Magnetic Separator

How to Choose and Use Magnetic Separatorsl

the proper magnetic separator for different process requirements. Beginning with a magnet material overview, How to Choose and Use Magnetic Separators covers various types of materials being processed, numerous magnetic separation techniques, application considerations and a wide variety of magnetic separation equipment currently available. Did ...

Drum Separators | Magnetic Drum Separators by IMTl

Magnetic Drum Separators are used to separate metal particles from slurries, granules or powders. These industrial magnets work on a high-volume basis for applications where there is a great deal of continuous turnover of product.

MAGNETIC DRUM SEPARATOR magnetic separation equipmentl

Magnetic Drum Separator: Design magnetic Drum Separator . The dry drum separator consists of a stationary magnetic yoke with a number of permanent magnets placed inside a rotating drum of non-magnetic material. The magnets have alternating polarity and are normally of strontium-ferrite. The revolving drum is made in two versions:

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Drum Magnets and Drum Separators are self-cleaning and provide continuous removal of ferrous contaminants from a wide range of free-flowing bulk and granular materials in high-volume applications. When material flows onto the drum magnet, a stationary magnetic assembly inside the unit's shell captures tramp metal and holds it securely to the ...

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Magnetic Drum Separators are of self-cleaning type and provide continuous removal of ferrous contamination from a wide range of free-flowing bulk and granular materials in high-volume applications. Drums can be ordered with or without housing. Magnetic Drum Separator system is a complete machine with Stainless Steel 304 / 316 Housing & Drive ...

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Rugged Stainless Industrial Magnetic Separator system for extended service. Drum Magnet Separators with housings. Storch various powerful stationary permanent magnet circuits/assembly enclosed in a 304 Stainless Steel Drum is the heart of the unit.


The drum separator consists of a stationary magnetic element mounted on a shaft. A cylindrical stainless steel shell encloses the magnet assembly and is secured to the drum head. The drum heads and shell assembly rotate on a bearing assembly mounted to the shaft. Model H and HFP Separators …

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Drum separator KDS Casing provided for easy installation. Large permanent magnetic drum KPDL Works well for large iron pieces and a large amount of iron pieces to collect. Permanent magnetic drum KPD Most suitable for removing iron from bulk materials and can be incorporated in equipment.

Magnetic Drum Separators, Magnetic Drum Separator …l

Rare Earth Neodymium (NdFeB) magnet drums as needed. Optimized Magnetic Circuitry/Assembly to meet your product flow. Magnet Material meets or exceeds IMA/MMPA standards. Rugged Stainless Industrial Magnetic Separator system for extended service. Drum Magnet Separators with housings

CDA Wet Drum SepArAtor - eriez.coml

A wet drum separator consists of a magnetic drum, tank and supporting frame assembled as follows: A stationary agitating type alternating pole magnetic element is mounted on a stationary shaft. A cylindrical stainless steel shell encloses this assembly and is secured to drum heads. The drum heads and shell

Drum Magnet Separator - YouTubel

Jun 10, 2011· Removal of ferrous metals from casting sand. Magnapower offer a range of drum designs to suit your application. Material samples can be tested in the lab to confirm the separation efficiency.

Magnetic Separators - 911Metallurgistl

Low-intensity separators are used to treat ferromagnetic materials and some highly paramagnetic minerals. Minerals with ferromagnetic properties have high susceptibility at low applied field strengths and can therefore be concentrated in low intensity (<~0.3T) magnetic separators. For low-intensity drum separators used in the iron ore industry, the standard field, for a separator with ferrite ...


Separation includes magnetic plates, grates, and traps, rolls and tubes, drum separators, ferrous traps, magnetic pulleys, nonferrous eddy current separators, and electromagnetic separators designed to remove fine and large tramp iron from various materials while protecting machinery. Solutions include vibratory, mechanical

Drum Type Magnetic Separator - Saideepl

Saideep Drum Type Magnetic Separators are used for Automatic separation of Magnetic Particles from Fine Powder.Drum Type Magnetic Separators are available in two designs. Drum Separators can be provided as the drum only or as a complete assembly with the housing and drive included.

Eriez - Permanent Magnetic Drum Separatorsl

Eriez Magnetic Drum and Drum In-Housing Separators. Eriez' Drum Separators remove both large and small pieces of iron contaminants from material processing lines. Powerful permanent magnets enable more efficient separation performance for a broader range of applications than ever before.

LIMS wet drum - Metsol

's LIMS, low intensity magnetic separators for recovery of ferro magnetic ores to produce pre-concentrates or concentrates are available with three different tank designs, (concurrent, counter-current and counter-rotation) using a common magnetic drum assembly. Two of the tanks are designed to enable easy multi-stage erection.

Magnetic Drum Separator - Double Drum Type Magnetic ...l

Magnetic Separator Single Drum Type Magnetic Separator : Permanent Drum type Magnetic Separator is most useful for separating tramp iron from non magnetic material processed in bulk quantity, for the purity of end products, recovery of metal having commercial value and protection of processing plant and machinery.

Eriez Drum-In-Housing - YouTubel

Feb 25, 2015· Eriez magnetic drums separate mixed material containing a high percentage of ferrous material.

Magnetic Drums - Ohio Magneticsl

Our Electro-Magnetic Alternating Pole "LDA" Drum Separators offers the industry a perfect complement to the well-established Stearns Radial Pole "LD" Drum. This high performance design offers a uniform, magnetic field across the full working width of the drum for …

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Drum Separatorl

IMI's Magnetic Drum Separators provide ferrous metal removal from dry, bulk products in free-flowing processing systems. Due to the nature of their design, magnetic drum separators are continuously self-cleaning units, and can be provided as the drum only or as a complete assembly …

Magnetic Drum Separators - Industrial Magnetic Drum ...l

High Gradient Drum Separator offered comprise permanent drum type magnetic drum separator that provides the working non-electric separator for tramp iron from the non-magnetic material. Features:. A powerful magnet assembly that provides for superior surface holding power. Deep field pattern for the improved surface area.

Drum Magnet | Magnetic Separator | Bunting - Redditchl

Our magnetic separator range is available in a wide range of sizes to suit a customers specific throughput requirements and can either have an internal permanent or electromagnet system depending on the application. Operating Principle. Magnetic drums are constructed with a 180-degree stationary magnet system, around which a cover revolves.

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Drum separators Dry low intensity magnetic separation dry drum separators have been developed mainly for dry separation of ferromagnetic ores with particle sizes finer than 20 mm. In addition to this conventional application, the dry drum separator has found a wide range of other applications such as: • Iron and steel slag treatment

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Permanent Magnetic Drum Separator made from extra strong, high retentivity anisotropic permanent magnets so it doesn't require electric power. there is automatic separation for iron impurities. These separators are offered to our client at industry leading price.

Rotating Drum Magnets - Magnetic Separators/Magnetic ...l

Rotating Drum Magnets provide good separation in applications where there is a high concentration of metal contamination or terminating the product flow for cleaning of the magnet is not feasible. Rotating Drum Magnets are designed for continuous self-cleaning of …

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