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ore deposits and ore minerals ppt

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Metamorphism and Ore Deposits · Metamorphic processes profoundly alter pre-existing mineral deposits and form new ones. · The chief agents of metamorphism are heat, pressure, time, and various solutions. · The materials acted upon are either earlier formed mineral deposits or ordinary rocks. · Valuable nonmetallic mineral deposits are formed from rocks mainly through recrystallization and ...

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ADVERTISEMENTS: In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Introduction to Ore Deposits 2. Origin of Ore Deposits 3. Types. Introduction to Ore Deposits: Minerals form chief source of all the industrial metals and non-metals. The commonly used metals like aluminum, copper, iron, lead, zinc etc. are all manufactured using minerals as raw materials.

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Iron oxide copper gold ore deposits (IOCG) are important and highly valuable concentrations of copper, gold and uranium ores hosted within iron oxide dominant gangue assemblages which share a common genetic origin. These ore bodies range from around 10 million tonnes of contained ore, to 4,000 million tonnes or more, and have a grade of between 0.2% and 5% copper, with gold contents ranging ...

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Ore deposit is an economic term, while mineral deposit is a geologic term. Whether a given mineral deposit is also an ore deposit depends on many factors other than the level of concentration and the size of the deposit; all factors that affect the mining, processing, and transporting of the ore must be considered as well.

Mineral-Deposit Model for Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum …l

2 Mineral-Deposit Model for Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum Pegmatites cesium, and tantalum are generally concentrated), and core. This zonation is expressed both in cross section and map view; thus, what may appear to be a common pegmatite may instead be the edge of a mineralized body. Neither lithium-cesium-tantalum pegmatites nor their

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Mineral deposit - Mineral deposit - Formation of mineral deposits: Mineral deposits form because some medium serves as a concentrating and transporting agent for the ore minerals, and some process subsequently causes the transporting agent to precipitate, or deposit, the minerals. Examples of concentrating and transporting agents are groundwater, seawater, and magma; examples of …

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Introduction to Ore Deposits • Assessment criteria: –IMPORTANT: There is a subminimum of 40% in the exam. Students who gain less than 40% in the exam will be considered to have failed the course, IRRESPECTIVE of the semester/module mark.

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Textures of Ore Deposits Importance of studying textures Textural identification and interpretation for ore deposits and associated gangue minerals are tools necessary for understanding the processes involved in the genesis of these deposits, which in turn is very important for prospecting for other similar economic bodies.

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The ore materials are trapped within a fumarole field or a black smoker field when they are expelled into the ocean, cool, and precipitate sulfide minerals as stratiform sulfide ore. Some deposits show evidence of formation via deposition of sulfide via replacement of altered volcanosedimentary rocks and may also form by invasion of sulfur-rich ...

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ore deposits and ore minerals ppt ore deposits and ore minerals ppt - bhiwadiproperty.co.in Mineral Ore Deposits, Mineral Ore Deposits Products, Mineral Ore- ore deposits and ore minerals ppt,Hot mineral ore deposits Directory: Recommended mineral ore [Get More] price.


1 Ore Deposits ORE DEPOSIT TYPES AND THEIR PRIMARY EXPRESSIONS K.G. McQueen CRC LEME, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200 and School of REHS, University of Canberra, ACT 2601. INTRODUCTION Ore deposits are crustal concentrations of useful elements that can be exploited at a profit. Like all crustal rocks, they consist of minerals

Fluid inclusions in hydrothermal ore depositsl

probably one of the reasons for studying the fluid inclusions in the first place! Perhaps the best evidence for a temporal genetic relationship between ore and gangue minerals is the occurrence of fine-grained ore mineral inclusions within the gangue mineral itself Fig. 1, or where . fluid inclusions contain daughter ore minerals

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Jul 29, 2013· Geologists, are known to have more opinions than economists, so it should come as no surprise that the classification of mineral deposits, is an on-going hot topic. The details will be debated until the sun cools, but the broad-brush classification of mineral deposits is generally understood. Most ...

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If you take into account the probable cut off you can see how small the margins are porphyry deposits are very sensitive to metal prices. These examples are some of the cadillacs of the ore deposit worlds but other lower grade porphyry deposits can become uneconomic with just a 20% drop in copper price.

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Magmatic Ore Deposits: A number of processes that occur during cooling and crystallization of magmatic bodies can lead to the separation and concentration of minerals. 1-Pegmatites 2-Layered intrusions 3-Kimberlites Examples of Magmatic ore deposits: 1-Chromite deposits 2-Nickel ŒCopper deposits 3-Platinum group metal (PGM) deposits

VMS Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Ore Deposits ...l

If we start with VMS Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Ore Deposits and their Mineralization we see from this image shows some of the sulphide chimneys associated with the model black smoker VMS deposit. VMS will emit black plume of hot water venting from one of the chimneys. You'll remember this cross section from reads on both porphyry deposits and epithermal, in the case of VMS deposit, we ...

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Ore minerals Minerals with economic value are ore minerals Minerals often associated with ore minerals but which do not have economic value are gangue minerals Key to economic deposits are geochemical traps metals are transported and precipitated in a very concentrated fashion Gold is almost 1,000,000 times less abundant than is iron Economic ...

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This is a common accessory ore mineral throughout the deposit. The grain size varies from 0.02 to 0.1 mm. It occurs in Ag-rich parts of the ore intergrown with Ag minerals and in the calc-silicate layers together with pyrrhotite, sphalerite, and galena. Some of the chalcopyrite grains in the Ag-rich part of the ore tarnish green, blue, or gray ...


Environmental Geochemistry of Ore Deposits and Mining Activities. ORE MATERIALS: PRIMARY AND SECONDARY MINERALOGY OF ORE DEPOSITS Introduction Our society and civilization is built upon resources of all kinds, also earth ... a place is called a mineral deposit or an ore deposit. An ore deposit …

Ore Deposit Geology by John Ridleyl

The book will be dominantly read by students and teachers, but could also be useful for professional geologists wanting a modern overview of a wide range of ore deposits and ore-forming processes. Ian Pitcairn Source: Economic Geology '… [the] layout, [the] clear presentation of the topic, the choice of sample deposits, the glossary of ...

Ore Deposits and Plate Tectonics - UPSC Successl

Ore Deposits and Plate Tectonics Plate tectonics, like crustal evolution, provides a basis for understanding the distribution and origin of mineral and energy deposits. The relationship of plate tectonics and mineral deposits …

Ore Deposit - an overview | ScienceDirect Topicsl

Ore deposits are rarely comprised of ore-bearing minerals, but are usually associated with rock-forming minerals during the mineralization process. These associated minerals or rocks, having no significant or low commercial value, are called gangue minerals. Pure chalcopyrite having 34.5% Cu metal in copper deposit and sphalerite with 67% Zn metal in zinc deposit are hosted by quartzite ...

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The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Lecture 2 Ore Deposit Classification and Ore Reserves" is the property of its rightful owner. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with PowerShow.com.

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May 07, 2015· Structural Control Ore Deposits Structure, tectonics and surface weathering play a vital role over geological time as a passage for hydrothermal flow of mineralized fluids, accumulate and concentrate at suitable location, remobilize and reorientate as postgenetic activity.

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Arial Wingdings Times New Roman Default Design Ores Slide 2 Ore Deposits Gold Au Ore minerals Economic Geology Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Black smoker metal precipitation Ore deposit environments Ore deposit environments Geochemical Traps Hydrothermal Ore Deposits Massive sulfide deposits Vermont Copperbelt ...


Introduction to Ore Mineralogy An ore is a naturally occurring rock or material composed of a mineral or minerals of ... high priority for anybody involved in the prospecting of ore-mineral deposits, the extraction of these minerals (i.e., the mining industry), in their refractory and ...

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Major Iron Deposits. Iron ore can be found all over the world but in Australia the main deposits of this mineral can be found in the Western Australian Pilbara region. This area is so rich with the iron ore that you can see the iron in the rocks as you walk past.

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Metallic Deposits Ore: deposit that can be mined economically. Depends upon, political, economic, social factors. The concentration determines the grade of the deposit. Ore is mined that contains native metals or a concentrated accumulation of ore minerals. Uneconomic minerals found with native metals/ore minerals is called Gangue. Malachite ...

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